Cavalière Hotels

Are you looking for a hotel in Cavalière, Le Lavandou? Find all the hotels in Cavalière here.

Located 5 km from the town centre, the beach of Cavalière is a large beach, known as the “sporty one”, as you can practise many sporting activities here.

You’ll find a wide choice of hotels here, from 5-star to unclassified hotels.

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Grand Hôtel Moriaz

On the water's edge on Cavalière beach in Le Lavandou, our rooms have a magnificent uninterrupted view over the sea and bay.

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Azur Hôtel

Set on the hillside with an enchanting view of the bay of Cavalière and the Iles d'Or islands, the hotel has an outstanding and peaceful location.

Surplage Hôtel

Located on Cavalière beach and 7km from the centre of Le Lavandou, Surplage Hotel features 60 rooms with a Provence atmosphere and balcony overlooking the sea.

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Cap Nègre Hôtel

Cap Nègre Hotel 3-star hotel just 40 metres from the sandy Cavalière beach and 7 km from Le Lavandou town centre.

Hotel Le Club de Cavalière & Spa

The Club de Cavalière & SPA in Le Lavandou features Tuscan-inspired architecture, luxurious rooms, a spa, a renowned Chef and outstanding staff in a completely renovated hotel.

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