Aiguebelle Hotels

Are you looking for a hotel in Aiguebelle, near Le Lavandou? Find all the hotels here.

Aiguebelle is located 3 km from Le Lavandou centre.

Aiguebelle has a beautiful fine sandy beach and magnificent coves.

In Aiguebelle, you’ll find 3-star and 2-star hotels, all close to the beach.

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Hôtel Beau Soleil

Contemporary, charming hotel between the sea and the hills, a stone's throw from the lovely sandy Aiguebelle beach in Le Lavandou. Restaurant with terrace under the shade of mulberry trees, renowned for its local specialities. Elegant service.

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Hôtel La Piscine

At the foot of the hill, close to the sea, in a leafy setting basking in sunlight, relax and enjoy your holiday under the palm trees, in the restaurant or in the cocktail bar by the heated pool.

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Hôtel Les Alcyons

Hôtel Les Alcyons, one minute from the beautiful sandy Aiguebelle beach and 4 km from the centre of Le Lavandou, has an exceptional, peaceful location.

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Hôtel de la Plage

On a beautiful sandy beach, at the foot of the Massif des Maures, Hôtel de la Plage welcomes you on the seafront with a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Hôtel Le Grand Pavois

Hôtel Le Grand Pavois is located 20 metres from one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Le Lavandou called "La Charmeuse". Aiguebelle is a peaceful and enchanting site on the Var coast.

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