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Le Lavandou / La Fossette littoral path

Le Lavandou - La Fossette along the coast The coast way Le Lavandou - nuisance de La Fossette Starting point: harbour Le Lavandou on the right from the tunnel. Back as well or on the cycle track.

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The Painters’s Trail

The “Painter’s Trail” lets you follow the steps of artists who have settled in the district for some time. This path will remind you of several important characters from the neo-impressionism period (1892-1926) from Theo Van Rysselberghe and Henri-Edmond Cross to famous writers such as André Gide and Emile Verhaeren. You will be able to find copies of their paintings on easels, all along the 2.50km path (1.5 miles). This walk can be carried out in 2 hours (easy pace).

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