La Fossette Hotels

Are you looking for a hotel in la Fossette, Le Lavandou? Here’s where you’ll find all the hotels in La Fossette.

La Fossette is located 2.5 km from Le Lavandou centre.

This pretty district of Le Lavandou welcomes you to its beautiful fine sandy beach.

You’ll find 4-star and 3-star hotels here.

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83 Hôtel

Hotel 83 is near La Fossette beach and 3km from the centre of Le Lavandou. With 30 air-conditioned rooms, the hotel has a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean and the Iles d'Or, islands off the coast. Relaxation's the ideal place for a wonderful holiday.

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Hotel de la Fossette

Hotel de la Fossette Resort in Le Lavandou is a charming hotel, located at the foot of the cycle path and 100 meters from the beach. La Fossette is a quiet residential area between greenery and the sea. Personalized welcome

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