Le Lavandou has 12 sandy beaches over 12 kilometres of coastline. Explore L’Anglade beach, the large town centre beach, Saint-Clair beach, La Fossette beach, Aiguebelle beach, Cavalière beach, Pramousquier beach…

Le Lavandou is an authentic fishermen’s village and seaside resort on the Côte d’Azur Varoise. Located at the foot of the Massif des Maures mountain range, Le Lavandou has 12 kilometres of coastline and 12 fine sandy beaches.

From the Anglade neighbourhood to that of Pramousquier, 12 different fine sandy beaches await you at Le Lavandou.
Under the Côte Varoise sun, you’ll explore hidden or steep coves.
But also beautiful beaches with facilities, which invite you to simply relax or to enjoy aquatic, nautical and underwater activities.

So, hesitate no longer! Make the most of the beach in leisure mode with your towel spread on the sand, or in sporty mode playing ball, racket games or enjoying paddle boards, and more.

Anglade Beach

L’Anglade beach is a beautiful fine sandy beach, known as “the Trendy one”

Town centre beach

Le Lavandou’s town centre beach is a large sandy beach, edged with palm trees

Saint-Clair Beach

Saint-Clair Beach, known as “the Pearl” is a magnificent sandy beach, 1.5 km from the town centre

La Fossette Beach

La Fossette beach, known as “the Happy place” is a very nice beach with fine sand, 3 km from the town centre

Aiguebelle Beach

Aiguebelle Beach, known as “the Charming one” is a nice, fine sandy beach with hidden coves, 4 km from the centre of Le Lavandou

Jean Blanc Beach

Jean Blanc Beach, also called “the Silver Sanctuary” is a magnificent beach with white sand

Eléphant Beach

L’Eléphant beach is an unspoilt beach, hence its nickname “the Wild one”

Rossignol Beach

Rossignol Beach, also called “the Secret one” is a pretty cove, 6 km from the town centre

Le Layet Beach

Le Layet Beach, also called “Buccaneer’s Cove” is 6 km from Le Lavandou centre

Cavalière Beach

Cavalière Beach, also called “the Sporty one”, is 7 km from Le Lavandou town centre

Cap Nègre Beach

Cap Nègre Beach, also called “the Peaceful one” is 7 km from Le Lavandou town centre

Pramousquier Beach

Pramousquier Beach, also called “the Mysterious one”, is 8 km from Le Lavandou town centre

One of Le Lavandou’s most beautiful heritage features is the beaches and much care is taken over them. You will find “Le Pavillon Bleu d’Europe”, which is a certification well-known to tourists. It symbolises exemplary environmental quality.
“Le Pavillon Etoiles de Mer” symbolises the quality of the water for bathing.
“La Certification Eau de Baignade” promotes and encourages the rapid implementation of a bathing water quality management system.