Discover a wide choice of accommodation for your holiday in Le Lavandou. In hotels, rentals, campsites, bed and breakfasts, holiday villages, holiday residences, wake up every morning in the accommodation of your choice. Plan your holidays in Le Lavandou.

Everyone has their own way of going on holiday.

At Le Lavandou, it is possible to spend your holidays in hotels or in holiday rentals. But also in campsites, in B&Bs, in holiday villages or in a holiday residence.

Here, you will find a wide choice of accommodation types to suit all preferences!

So don’t hesitate, come and spend your dream holidays in Le Lavandou, by choosing the accommodation that will suit you best.


Hotels in Le Lavandou

Charming hotels in the little streets of Le Lavandou, hotels near the beach, or hotels in the quiet and freshness of the hills… You’ll find the hotel that suits you best for your holidays in Le Lavandou.

B&Bs in Le Lavandou

The B&Bs in Le Lavandou are ready to welcome you.

Holiday Rentals in Le Lavandou

Discover all the holiday rental properties in Le Lavandou

Campsites at Le Lavandou

All the campsites at Le Lavandou: near to the town centre, in a quiet setting, near the sea.

Holiday Villages in Le Lavandou

Discover all Le Lavandou’s holiday villages

Holiday residences in Le Lavandou

Discover the holiday residences in Le Lavandou.

Estate Agents in Le Lavandou

Find all the estate agents in Le Lavandou

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