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The church of Saint-Louis is a very charming little church that holds some surprises!

A little history…

Built in 1855 thanks to a subscription, after the war, the Church of Saint-Louis benefited from major renovations, including the removal of its bell tower, which had deteriorated and was rebuilt in 1930, thanks to Abbé Hélin, an energetic priest and Resistance fighter.

After large-scale renovation works, the church is now adorned with pretty colours, and a restored 16th-century stained glass window depicting “Our Lady of Sorrows”. A fresco painted in the tradition of the iconographic monks by Jean-Baptiste Garrigou now adorns its walls .
Saint-Louis, sculpted in stone, welcomes the parishioners.

Moving in its simplicity

If you are used to spotting churches by their dominant bell-tower soaring to the sky, this one will surprise you by its discretion. At the bend of a small alley, the façade of the Church of Saint-Louis appears, in earthy colours, reflecting the warm hues of Provence.

When you visit the interior of this church, you will immediately be drawn to the original frescoes, and to the light streaming in through the stained glass windows.

The Church of Saint-Louis is moving in its simplicity, and stands out from other churches you may have visited, thanks to its modernity.

It is worth a detour 😉

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