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Disembarking on the wildest and most hilly of the Hyères islands, the island of Port-Cros, is an immediate change of scenery.

The island of Port-Cros and its small South Sea port, is a fairyland of green and blue, where the forest meets the sea.

30 km of trails provide signposted hikes of between 30 minutes to 7 hours.

What is the greatest pleasure that Port-Cros has to offer?

Swimming with the fish in emerald waters. Bring your mask and snorkel.
The underwater trail at the beach of Palud will guide you in observing them.
The island of Port-Cros is a protected area, for everyone’s well-being, with no cars and no bikes.
Here, the scents of the maquis and the song of the cicadas will enchant you.

The island of Port-Cros National Park is 30 minutes by boat from Le Lavandou.

It can be explored on foot only.

With its 30 km of marked trails, this island will delight you.
Especially if you stop to take in its stunning natural beauty.


Firstly, we advise walking shoes. Many of the trails are not suitable for a pushchair, so bring a baby sling.

Also bring an adequate amount of water and food when coming to explore the island. Because outside of the village there are no restaurants or bars.

· LE SENTIER DES PLANTES (45 minutes): discover the flora of the Mediterranean forest.
· LE CIRCUIT DES CRÊTES (3 hours): discover animal species in the National Park.
· LE VALLON DE LA SOLITUDE (1 hour): discover traces of human activity on the island.
· LE SENTIER SOUS MARIN (30 to 40 minutes diving): discover the protected underwater flora and fauna and its exceptional beauty. Don’t forget to bring your masks, snorkels and flippers to enjoy this circuit.
· AQUASCOPE: discover the sea bed of this National Park without getting wet.

Please note! The island of Port-Cros is protected by special regulations.
Be sure to respect them.

For more information
Maison du Parc/ Capitainerie, tel: +33 (0)

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