The menhirs of the Lambert plateau

Located in the Maures, this hike takes you to the Lambert plateau and its menhirs, the chestnut tree of Madame de Sévigné, the Destéou chasm, the plantations of Douglas fir, eucalyptus and other remarkable species.


START / ARRIVAL: Anselm Cross car park

MARKET: orange

Take the narrow path marked in orange through the oak woodland, along the continuation of the tie bars.

Move slightly uphill through the heather and come out on your left to take the tarmac road.

After 400m, take the DFCI track of 'Les Pounches' (with a white barrier), which goes off to your right. Continue on this main track which climbs through the pine and holm oak forest. You can see the chestnut groves still being exploited. Picking is prohibited.

At the next intersection, continue straight on the main track, following the orange markings. Take advantage of this wide track to trot or gallop and admire the Maures landscape.

As you reach the ridges, look to your left for Notre-Dame des Anges, and then start to descend towards the Lambert plateau. On your right is a plantation of maritime pines and on your left is a forest of eucalyptus. The Lambert plateau was reforested following the 1990 fire by the INRA, on an experimental basis, using imported species (maritime pine, eucalyptus or Douglas fir, a coniferous tree that can grow up to 100 m high).
Start the descent on the Lambert plateau towards the large meadow where the menhirs stand.

Take the track that descends to the tarmac road. Then turn right and walk past the forest house.

On your left is the Lamberts field. You can discover the megalithic site of the Lambert plateau where 2 menhirs, each about 3 m high, date from the Neolithic period. Fascinating and mysterious at the same time, they are the highest in Provence and are classified as historical monuments. Following the field of menhirs, observe on your right a forest of cedars. At the end of this path, you will find some tie-up bars to take a break with your mounts.

Take the track on the left, at the directional arrow post. You continue your walk leaving the menhirs field on your left and take a small descent through a forest of oak and chestnut trees.

At the intersection, turn right at the hunters' hut. Walk past this hut and continue along a lovely sunny track where you can trot and gallop. You will find Notre-Dame des Anges on your left.

At the next intersection, go straight ahead on the main path following the markings.

At the next directional arrow post, take the direction on your left, following the Valescure track.

Go down towards the Verne river, which you cross. Turn left along the D214 for 200 m, then take the small parallel path on the left for 800 m. You have arrived at the starting car park, at the Croix d'Anselme.




All year round.


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